“Wheel Of Fortune” Plugin
Generated Over $55,000 In Sales
And Added 9,100+ Subscribers
On One Website…



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  • Increase website sales no matter what your niche

  • Visitors spin the wheel and win whatever you choose

  • Easy to install and setup

  • Generate huge email lists without begging

  • Put a little fun into your website and your visitors will keep coming back over and over

  • Integrates with the 3 big autoresponders

What can this do for me?

Spinty works on pure psychology. People love games. People love to win things.​


Combining games with traditional marketing strategies is the future of digital marketing.​


Purchasing subscribers can be very expensive and the more you pay for a subscriber the less likely it is you can make a profit on your products.​


Spinty works in two ways…

NORMALLY $27 (Yours TODAY For Free)

Several themes to choose from, all stunning modern designs.

Fully responsive and optimised for Desktop, Mobile and Tablet.


Works when your visitors attempts to leave. And chose how long the spinner appears for.

Fully customisable text and features. Easy to install and even easier to use.


Give away absolutely anything.

Free products, coupon codes and choose how likely the visitor will win!



Keep a close eye on what’s going on with your games with full analytics built in.



Use Spinty on all of your websites! Included in this special offer is an Unlimited License so you can install Spinty on every one of your websites.


Fully brandable, you can include your website logo on each and every spinner.


What Can This Do For Me

Spinty is the perfect marketing tool to increase your subscribers and sales no matter what niche you are in. ​

The beauty of Spinty is the simplicity. When your visitors spin that wheel, they will win whatever you choose.​

If you are in the eCommerce business you could give away coupons or free products. ​

If you sell software you could give away free trials or free upgraded versions.​

If you are an affiliate you could give away bigger and better bonuses depending on what the user wins on the wheel.​

If you launch info products you could give customers additional training or free videos simply for spinning.​

Even if you are a local marketer, Spinty could help you give away free appointments or treatments!

Why is the price so low?

You can invest in Spinty today for the low price of just $27. We have decided to offer it at this price because this is our launch special offer.​

For the first 7 days that Spinty is available we wanted to allow you access for a low one-time fee.​

As of today, similar tools are only available on Shopify for a monthly subscription and we wanted to make sure that this technology was available to the entire world on the WordPress platform.​

Because we have developed a plugin we do not have the on going costs, so we can afford to get this amazing software into the hands of as many people as possible.​

7 days after we go live we will increase the price as our way of giving back to users that got in early.